Shibburn Launches New App on iOS, Andriod And Alexa Skill To Help Burn Billions Of Shiba Inu

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Shibburn Launches New App.

New Burning Protocol Powered By the First Dedicated Burn Project, Shibburn Would Introduce Shiba Inu To Millions of New Investors While Setting Fire to Tens of Billions of SHIB Tokens.

Billions of people would be able to contribute towards Shiba Inu Burn very soon as the well-known SHIB Burn tracking website announces its plan to launch its official Shibburn Radio app on Alexa Skill, iOS, and Android. launched another project named Shibburn Radio, a new online radio station that plays the latest music. As per reports, Shibburn Radio will generate revenues through monthly subscriptions or by running ads in the stream. Later, the Community-led SHIB Burn initiative will utilize these revenues to burn Shiba Inu. However, the project’s clear and detailed financial structure is yet to be revealed.

Shiba Inu Burn rate could increase manifolds with this implication as billions of iPhone and Android users would have simple and easy access to burn Shiba Inu. Besides this, the owners of the official SHIB Burn tracking website believe that the launch of Shibburn Radio on the above-mentioned platforms would also help Shiba Inu get more exposure which will eventually help bring in new money to the Shiba Inu Ecosystem.

Shibburn Radio is already available on TuneIn, the world’s most widely used streaming audio platform, with over 75 million users. has been among the top crypto influencers for quite some time and is one of the first projects to support Shiba Inu Burn. The website owners claim to receive over 70 million monthly visits and 4 million unique visitors in one month. Each website visit contributes to burning SHIB.

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