Oryen Network Brings Simple Functionality To An Incredible Concept, Beating Uniswap And Sushiswap As Best DeFi Token

Oryen Network is the new kid on the block for DeFi. As FTX brings down vast amounts of centralized crypto finance in one of the most stunning scandals ever, users are again flocking to DeFi as a haven away from others having custody of their assets. With staking being an integral part of DeFi, Oryen Network touches on a perfect solution: staking without tokens ever leaving your wallet.

The Oryen Network (ORY)

Oryen Network will allow investors to access a 90% guaranteed APY, meaning returns can be calculated before investing. This attractive interest rate is supported by an RFV wallet, which stands for Risk-Free Value. The wallet accumulates assets through trading fees which are then deployed if any periods of volatile price action occur. The funds are there simply for that use and are not placed under any form of risk by trading or staking, hence the name.

Allowing users access to a staking protocol without requiring the movement of tokens into a staking contract nor requiring any CEX is a genius move anticipated by the Oryen Network team before the flaws in centralized exchanges even came to light.


Uniswap is one of the original DeFi platforms, making it possible to trade on-chain using liquidity pools funded by the community. This was the first true example of using blockchain contracts to facilitate trading and has cemented Uniswap in the history books for its initial innovation. Despite the high quality of Uniswap’s product, the APRs from providing liquidity are uncompetitive against the overall market, and impermanent loss can negate these gains anyway.


Sushiswap, another decentralized exchange in the same vein as Uniswap, also provides similar features, including staking and governance. When Sushiswap launched, there began what was known as ‘Liquidity Wars’ as Sushiswap attempted to take some of the Uniswap protocol’s user-provided LP. In the end, Uniswap won out, but the Sushi platform has been making significant upgrades to its offering and is looking well-placed to set up for a future DeFi run.

Why Is Oryen Better?

Oryen Network allows users to receive a better APY than on both Uniswap and Sushiswap while at the same time keeping custody of assets in a private wallet, ensuring the utmost safety. This simplicity and security means Oryen Network will be the star of the coming bull market.

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