The Big Eyes Crypto Media Stunt in NYC Created Literal Waves of Cuteness. Should Dogecoin be worried?

The new cat-themed meme coin Big Eyes Coin was spotted on Monday the 14th diving for gold on 3D Billboards in Times Square.

The Big Eyes media stunt comes at a crucial time for this meme coin which is currently gaining momentum in its presale with over $9.8 million raised so far. This kind of publicity is likely to see Big Eyes gain even more community members and holders. Could this kind of massive audience for Big Eyes Coin (BIG) pose a threat to the father of meme coins, Dogecoin (DOGE)?

When Big Eyes Coin launches, it plans to release an NFT collection, donate 5% of its tokens to marine conservation charities, and create self-propagating wealth for its community.

For those who missed it, let’s take a look at how cute the media stunt was and why cuteness is currency, according to Big Eyes Coin.

Big Eyes Media Stunt; Cute Doesn’t even Cover It!

On Monday, the 14th of November, Big Eyes media stunt hit the massive 3D Billboard in the famous NYC Times Square. Big Eye’s marketing team pulled out all the stops for this occasion and created a 3D video advert.

The video started with a big reveal as red curtains swished back to reveal a massive 3D fish tank. Captivating scenes awaited inside the glass tank; vivid corals and seaweed, golden fish, and a treasure chest stuffed with golden coins.

 At the top of the fish tank, the white and golden Big Eyes cat peers into the water, watching the fish. Then as a golden coin spills from the chest, Big Eyes cat leaps into the water chasing the coin.

The cat finally catches the coin, and at that moment, the tank smashes and water cascades down in vivid 3D. The Big Eyes cat reappears from the deluge, safely clasping the golden coin. Then the screen transforms into the Big Eyes Coin logo (the cat’s adorable face).

Could Big Eyes Cuteness Pose a Threat to Dogecoin?

The Big Eyes Coin is out to create a global meme coin hype to rival Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. To achieve world domination, the Big Eyes team intend to leverage the cuteness of the Big Eyes cat to enchant the global population. This shouldn’t be difficult as most of the world’s population already prefers cats over dogs.

The global cuteness appeal of Big Eyes Coin could pose a threat to Dogecoin, as although the father of meme coins has a strong and loyal following, experts predict that new coins that can relate to the next generation are likely to make the doge-related meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu redundant.

The second reason why Dogecoin should be worried about the rising star Big Eyes Coin is the huge audience the Big Eyes 3D Billboards had in Times Square on Monday. This high-profile media stunt in one of the world’s financial capitals will boost morale in the Big Eyes Coin community and provide new members and holders. If Big Eyes Coin maintains this type of media presence, it could finish its presale in no time and be ready to compete with the top dogs, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin.

Final Thoughts

The Big Eyes Coin 3D media stunt in Times Square is a massive show of strength for this new meme coin. The timing of this stunt is also perfect as Big Eyes Coin presale is approaching the $10 million mark, making it the perfect time to grow its community and show off to the world. The cuteness of the Big Eyes Coim will no doubt create more waves in the crypto market in the near future, and if it continues impressing with global media stunts, its cuteness could bring Dogecoin holders over to Big Eyes Coin.

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