Safemoon (SFM) Struggles To Match Bitgert (BRISE) Hype and Price Growth In 2023

The crypto market has been bullish this year, with the last two weeks showing an impressive performance for most coins. Bitcoin had increased 14% this year as of writing, and the global marketcap had surpassed the $900B mark. Safemoon (SFM) and Bitgert (BRISE) are also among the coins that have done pretty well in 2023.

However, looking at the charts, Bitgert has been performing better than Safemoon in both price and community growth. For the last 14 days, $BRISE has posted a bigger price upsurge than Safemoon and most of the big coins in the market.

Crypto experts have projected that Safemoon will continue to lag behind the Bitgert hype and price growth this year. This is already happening where Brise is one of the most talked about crypto projects today compared to Safemoon.

Bitgert Is Attracting A Lot Of Attention Because Of This

Unlike Safemoon (SFM), Bitgert has been enjoying huge attraction from the crypto community because of the disruptiveness of this project. Bitgert is one of the few projects building real utility and building it faster than most of the big coins in the market. Important to note is the fast delivery of the products and projects in its ecosystem.

The speed delivery of the Brise ecosystem is one of the major reasons why even Safemoon investors are moving to BRISE. The Bitgert team launching its exchange last month enabled it to start the year on a high hype. The exchange is currently registering massive adoption, and the coming of its Android version is expected to explode this adoption even bigger.

However, a majority of the new investors are eyeing the upcoming Bitgert developments that include the launch of the DEX and the decentralized marketplace. These are two products the team is building right now.

The hundreds of partnerships coming up are also growing Bitgert hype and price growth bigger than Safemoon. Therefore, Bitgert has the potential to do better than Safemoon this year.

Safemoon Poor Delivery Is a Major Issue

The poor delivery of the Safemoon roadmap and, more so, the products have been the biggest challenge for this project. Looking at the SFM ecosystem, it is smaller in terms of the number of products and projects compared to Bitgert, which is a younger project.

There is no indication that Safemoon is planning to improve its delivery bigger than Bitgert in 2023. In fact, the Brise project is growing vibrant this year, looking at the roadmap V2. Therefore, SFM will still struggle to match the Bitgert hype and price growth in 2023.