Why Cardano (ADA) Whales Are Accumulating Bitgert (BRISE) This January

The last few weeks, and more so this month, have seen the number of Cardano whales adding Bitgert (BRISE) to their portfolios increase rapidly. Although Cardano is one of the best-performing coins this month, the massive profit potential that Bitgert has is making it more attractive.

Note that Bitgert was among the top cryptocurrencies that rewarded their investors big in 2022, a year that most of the coins, including Cardano, crashed. Crypto experts believe that Bitgert will follow the same path this year and make its investors good profits.

There are many reasons why Bitgert is catching the attention of many crypto investors this year, including Cardano whales. One of them is the massive developments the Brise team has promised to deliver in the next few months and the impact the already delivered products will have on this coin.

All these developments have the potential to make Bitgert the most explosive coin in the market this year, bigger than Cardano and many other big cryptocurrencies. That’s why Cardano whales have been buying and also accumulating Bitgert. Here are Bitgert facts worth noting:

Bitgert Blockchain Is Superior To Cardano

Cardano whales are buying Bitgert because they understand the potential that its blockchain has. BRC20 blockchain is gasless and has a 100k TPS. This makes it far superior to not only the Cardano chain but almost all the other blockchains in the industry.

With the many upgrades on the Brise blockchain, it means the chain will continue to attract a lot of users in 2023. This mean growth in the Bitgert coin market value as the demand for the token rises.

Bitgert Ecosystem Growth Is Attracting Investors

The Bitgert ecosystem comprises products, projects, and partnerships the team is making. The team is delivering on all three at a very fast pace. In fact, the Bitgert ecosystem has been one of the fastest growing in the market, and this is expected to continue this year.

The Bitgert team is already working on new products, which might start dropping this month. The DEX is in the final stages of development. The Bitgert decentralized marketplace is also being built now. Cardano has no such disruptive products coming up.

Hundreds of partnerships are also coming up as well as projects. Therefore, the Bitgert ecosystem is going to grow faster than Cardano’s. That’s why Cardano whales are buying $BRISE.

In conclusion, more Cardano whales will be buying and accumulating Bitgert this January because of the massive profit potential the coin has. This means Bitgert will continue to explode in 2023, making it an ideal buy today.